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How to use: preventing seasonal dry skin

The DSI Sense is easy to use—simply download the app from the either the iOS or Android store, set up an account in the app, plug the device into its USB power adapter, and use the app to set up the WiFi connection.

Once logged in, you’ll see the dashboard screen with gauges for the Dry Skin Index and the estimated level of hydration for the outer layer of the stratum corneum.

For a quick update, the LED on the DSI Sense also shows the current level of the Dry Skin Index as one of 5 color-coded categories.

Because each person’s skin responds differently to external drying stresses, periodically check the dryness of your skin and compare it to the Dry Skin Index and hydration level. Adjust the use of moisturizers according to the appearance of your skin and the levels of the two diagnostics shown in the app and LED indicator.

Optimize your skin-care routines!

With a DSI Sense you'll always be ready to respond to indoor drying stresses related to changes in the weather.

The app summarizes the stress level due to changes in indoor temperature and humidity. It also provides suggestions regarding the use of moisturizers and room humidifiers.

Testimonial from Dave Layton, creator of the DSI Sense:

“I remember having dry, flaky skin at different times of the year as I got older, but never really knew why I was experiencing the skin dryness. As a result, my skin-care practices were erratic, and unproductive.

However, since I’ve been using the DSI Sense, I’m much more aware of the drying stresses on my skin and now I adjust my use of moisturizers accordingly. I am happy to see that my skin is much healthier looking!

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