Helpful Questions

Where should I place my DSI Sense?

When you first set up your DSI Sense it should be as close to your WiFi router as possible to ensure a good connection during the set up process with the DSI Sense app. However, once it is connected to your local network, you’ll want to plug it in to a wall outlet in a location that is centrally located in your residence. A preferred place is an electrical outlet in an interior wall in a room that you spend a lot of time in.

What is the best way to use the DSI Sense to improve your skin care?

Consider following a daily routine in which you check the Dry Skin Index and the predicted skin hydration level on your app and then adjust your application of a moisturizer accordingly. If you are in a rush, simply look at the color-code LED light from the DSI Sense unit to see what the stressor level is–sometimes it will not change much day-to-day depending on the weather.

What about the use of a room humidifier for hydrating skin?

A room humidifier should be used in conjunction with moisturizing lotions for maintaining skin hydration–especially when the Dry Skin Index is elevated (6+). Otherwise, whenever the indoor relative humidity is below 40%, it’s time to consider operating a room humidifier.

The effectiveness of a humidifier depends on how much water vapor it emits and the size of the room. If the humidifier is undersized, it will not significantly improve indoor humidity or skin hydration. On the other hand, the release of too much water vapor may lead to conditions favoring mold formation.

Since the optimum relative humidity for skin is about 60%, a humidifier should not increase indoor humidity above that level–check the DSI Sense app to make sure.

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