How to set up your DSI Sense

You can set up your DSI Sense in a few easy steps.

The only preparation needed is to get the name of your local WiFi network and its password.

  1. Install the DSI Sense app on your smartphone or tablet. It is available on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

  2. Create your free account in the app.

    Click on the “NO ACCOUNT? SIGN UP HERE” button shown on the “Login or Set Up Account” page. The initial signup form will have you enter your email address and a password (twice). Shortly thereafter you’ll receive an email with a security code that you must then enter into the popup box that is shown. Once this authentication action is completed, you must login in to continue the set up procedure.

  3. Configure the device so that it connects to your local WiFi network.

    After you login with your email and password, you will be asked if you want to add a device. Tap the “Connect to DSI Sense” button on the “Device Setup” screen and then plugin in (or unplug and plugin) your device so that the connection process is initiated. On the next screen, select your WiFi network (Access Point) from the dropdown list and add your WiFi password.


    Plug the DSI Sense into an electrical outlet that is near your WiFi router to ensure a strong signal during the setup process. You can move it to a preferred location after setup is completed.

    Make sure you agree to app requests for Bluetooth and Location services since these are required to run the device.

  4. View Dashboard for current conditions and change temperature units as needed.

    At the completion of setup process you will be asked to login and afterwards, the Dashboard screen will be shown automatically. The default temperature units are in degrees Celsius, so if you want to see Fahrenheit units, simply go to the Settings page and select Fahrenheit.

    Consider renaming the DSI Sense in Settings to a room name where it will be located.

    Also, you can now move the DSI Sense to your preferred location in your residence.

App Setup Process

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