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Dermidia Select: A Web Tool for Selecting Eucerin® Lotions

Dermidia Select is a handy web-based tool. It guides you to the right Eucerin® lotion based on your skin needs and indoor conditions. Eucerin® lotions can treat dry skin and keep it hydrated all year round.

People choose a moisturizing body lotion for two main reasons. One is to stop skin from drying out, and the other is to heal dry skin. With so many lotions out there, picking the right one can be tricky.

Select Lotions for Prevention

As we get older, taking care of our skin becomes more important. This is because the skin’s protective layer changes and becomes less effective. Using moisturizers regularly can help keep skin hydrated. Changes in the weather can affect indoor conditions and dry out your skin. That’s why it’s important to adjust your skin-care routine as needed. Dermidia Select suggests lotions based on the current Dry Skin Index predicted for your area.

It uses a special model to predict indoor skin stresses. It links current weather conditions to the Dry Skin Index. This model is designed for detached, wood-frame houses in the USA. Therefore, the predictions might not match exactly with your housing situation.

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Select Lotions for Healing

The longer skin is exposed to indoor dermal stresses, the greater the risk of feeling and observing dry-skin symptoms. If left untreated, skin can become flaky, rough, and even itchy.

For each skin condition listed below, the web app recommends a Eucerin® lotion that specifically targets the dry skin symptom of interest.

  • Dry skin
  • Very dry skin
  • Very dry, flaky skin
  • Extremely dry, rough skin

It may take several days to see improvement in your skin. For best results, apply lotions after you shower. Once you have restored your skin’s hydration, consider a daily prevention regimen using lotions based on the level of the Dry Skin Index.


Dermidia Select is a simple and convenient way to find the best Eucerin® lotion for your skin. Whether you want to prevent or heal dry skin, this web app can guide you to the right product based on your needs and indoor conditions. You can also buy the recommended lotions online through Amazon links. Try Dermidia Select today and see the difference in your skin!

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